Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

Introduction to a place where happiness is more than a dream. There's a place on earth that even the most seasoned travellers consider a privilege to visit. And, although it is voted one of the world's top travel destinations, very few make it. This is Druk Yul, Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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Bhutan Today: On the Wings of Change

How Bhutan is carefully managing an era of momentous change. Bhutan is a unique land in a unique time. Having survived the centuries by maintaining a distinct identity, the kingdom hopes to face the future by drawing on its past.

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Tapestry of Bhutanese Colour

Environment and Nature, Trekkingand Adventure and Festivals. The raw and natural beauty of the earth characterises much of Bhutan's environment that has made it so stunning and captivating to visitors. From the tropical plains right up to the alpine highlands, Bhutan's environment is a diverse as its culture.

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Regions of Bhutan

Outlining Bhutan's rich cultural and environmental diversity. "It is a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture, sitting at the fork of two rivers, portraying the image of a medieval city from a distance."

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Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan Cultural Tour Far East 16 nights / 17 days

This trip is designed for those who are interested in seeing a greater part of the country. The tour provides an insight into the remoteness of the country’s Far East, where development is minimal due to the high passes and terrain. Your visit will feature an authentic look at the Bhutanese lifestyle. You will see firsthand and up close how people live and work.

The East is famous for hand woven textiles, known as Khushu Thakra. Every household has a weaving loom. Weaving is usually done in winter when there is less agricultural work. Other trip highlights include the Khaling Weaving Center, school for the blind and the Kanglung College, called Sherubtse, which is currently the only University in Bhutan.
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Mythical Central Bhutan 11 nights / 12 days

This central Bhutan tour will take you deep into the heart of the beautiful Bumthang valley, considered the Switzerland of Bhutan. Our route crosses three high mountains passes: Dochula at 3100m, Pelela at 3300m and Yotongla, the highest at 3400m.

Bumthang is considered to be the spiritual home of the Bhutanese people. The entire Bumthang valley is dotted with some of the oldest historical monuments and Nyes (sacred places) in all of Bhutan, some dating back to the 7th century A.D., a period of which there is little modern knowledge.

This tour also travels to Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue and Trongsa. Besides these destinations, we also include highlights such as a visit to the Gangtey valley to spot the black-necked crane. This rare bird is an endangered species which migrates in winter from the plateau of Tibet and Siberia. Another visit features the Kuenga Rabten Palace, a ruling home of Bhutan’s second King, Jigme Wangchuk, for a decade.
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Essence of Himalayas 6 nights/ 7 days

Designed for those travelers who have a week to spend in Bhutan, this tour takes you across the Dochula Pass (3100m) to the old capital of Bhutan. Built in 1637, picturesque Punakha was the capital until 1958. Situated between two rivers, the Mo-Chu & Pho-Chu (Male & Female River), Punakha is now the winter residence for the monks of Bhutan.
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Glimpse of Bhutan 4 nights / 5 days

This tour is designed for shorter visits to Bhutan. It is perfect for travelers with limited time and a limited budget. The itinerary features visits to scenic Paro and historic Thimphu, the vibrant capital of Bhutan and home of the King.
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