Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

Introduction to a place where happiness is more than a dream. There's a place on earth that even the most seasoned travellers consider a privilege to visit. And, although it is voted one of the world's top travel destinations, very few make it. This is Druk Yul, Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

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Bhutan Today: On the Wings of Change

How Bhutan is carefully managing an era of momentous change. Bhutan is a unique land in a unique time. Having survived the centuries by maintaining a distinct identity, the kingdom hopes to face the future by drawing on its past.

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Tapestry of Bhutanese Colour

Environment and Nature, Trekkingand Adventure and Festivals. The raw and natural beauty of the earth characterises much of Bhutan's environment that has made it so stunning and captivating to visitors. From the tropical plains right up to the alpine highlands, Bhutan's environment is a diverse as its culture.

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Regions of Bhutan

Outlining Bhutan's rich cultural and environmental diversity. "It is a stunning example of Bhutanese architecture, sitting at the fork of two rivers, portraying the image of a medieval city from a distance."

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Travel Trip to Bhutan

Check list

Before coming to Bhutan, make sure that you attend to the following:

Travel/Medical Insurance

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan has initiated a travel and medical plan solely for our visitors. Hence it is important that you get detailed information about the insurance scheme from your travel agents here in Bhutan. You may also visit the web site at www.ricb.com.bt


Bhutan’s currency is the Ngultrum (Nu.) that is at par with the Indian rupee. It is however recommended that you carry travelers’ cheque or cash, preferably American Express and US dollar instead, as the ATM facilities for foreign currency is limited to just few towns including the capital city Thimphu. Visa and American Express credit cards are also widely accepted.


Financial institutions in Bhutan have been greatly enhanced and today we have a number of banks that caters to the needs of the people. Some of the banks that you can avail services and facilities while in Bhutan are the Bank of Bhutan Limited, the Bhutan National Bank, the Druk PNB and the Tashi Bank. Many of these banks provide you with SMS and internet banking facilities. There are also ATM facilities that you can avail and ATMS are located in a number of places where you can withdraw your money especially in Thimphu and in the border town of Phuentsholing. Traveler’s cheque can be easily withdrawn and exchanged into local currency. However, as you travel into the interior, ATM and internet facilities are almost non-existent and we suggest that you do your banking facilities while in Thimphu.


We have a duty to protect Bhutan from Drugs and Tobacco Products. To do this we need your help and cooperation. If we stop you and ask you about your baggage please co-operate. **Please do not carry tobacco goods that are over the limits. For more information please see following link. Tobacco Control Act

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Tariff Revision

Please be informed that the tariff revision announced vides TCB/DG/20(b)/1593 dated 14th April 2010 with the following amendments will be effected as follows: 1. USD 250 per person per night on a twin sharing basis for the months of March, April, May, September, October and November wef 1st January 2012. 2. USD 200 per person